What are the benefits of Airbnb plus?

In this article, we’ll answer some of the most frequently asked questions considering Airbnb Plus and tell you about the benefits for both hosts and guests. We’ll start with some explanations so you can further understand all the pros and cons that come with the Plus program. For you to be able to fully understand everything we’ll start by explaining what a Superhost is and how can they become a part of the Plus community.

What’s an Airbnb host?

Superhosts are skilful hosts who provide an extraordinary experience for their guests while being a shining example for other hosts. You never have to worry about a cancelled reservation last minute ever again, since a Superhost cannot cancel on guests because he can lose their status. Being a Superhost means that you should provide top-notch service, reliability and cleanliness. Airbnb checks their Superhosts multiple times a year to ensure that everyone in the program is dedicated to providing outstanding hospitality.

What’s an Airbnb Plus host?

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               The first thing you should know about Airbnb Plus hosts is that you can’t become one unless you are Superhost. Being part of the Plus program means that you have excelled at being a Superhost. Not only do you have to provide excellent service, but you also have to meet a specific design standard that Airbnb requires which aren’t necessarily making your stay expensive. For you to be able to become one, an Airbnb contractor needs to inspect your estate and validate all the Plus standards. You have to have a great mix between design, effort and cleanliness so that you can offer a perfectly curated home. Keep in mind that the program is relatively new and not every town offers it but most big cities do.

What are the requirements for an Airbnb Plus host?

To get your property approved, you have to meet Airbnb’s requirements for quality. Firstly you have to be well-reviewed which means no ratings under 4,8. Secondly, you must accept at least 95% of booking requests that come in, which is a serious task. Last but not least, you have to be committed and reliable by making sure that there have been no cancellations in the past year. This is the minimum for you to be able to apply for the program booking related metrics aren’t the only thing because hosts are required to maintain specific standards when it comes to aesthetics and amenities.

Every property is manually reviewed by Airbnb staff for inclusion in the program, and they make the final decision. In order to meet the Plus standards for quality, you are required to meet certain specifications. Considering design, your furniture should be carefully arranged while including specific design elements. The check-in process has to be fast and easy while you should offer hotel-like amenities. When deciding on an estate, the staff checks if you provide fast Wi-Fi, essential appliances and emergency equipment. In the end, you will receive a Plus badge if your property is well-kept with regular maintenance and thoughtfully designed.

Airbnb benefits for Guests:

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Airbnb cares about each and every guest’s experience, and that’s why the Plus program ensures that you will have a more convenient and enjoyable stay. You will find several key benefits that this program delivers for guests to create a memorable encounter.

  • Hotel-like experience – it’s time to forget about the differences between and a hotel and an Airbnb property since the Plus program establishes strict standards so that they can meet your expectations and provide a wonderful experience.
  • Search by specific occasion – the Plus program offers collections which makes it easier than ever to find what you’re looking for. Searching for a property for a specific occasion has never been so simple. You can find a property for a family vacation, a dreamy honeymoon, an adventurous experience or a business trip.
  • Established minimum standards – no matter the cost of a stay, everyone has expectations. That’s why is you are a part of Airbnb Plus you are required to meet minimum standards when it comes to vacation rentals. You no longer have to waste your time on research or reviews.
  • Exclusive customer support – picking a property from the Airbnb Plus program means that you will receive premium customer support, which will help you resolve your problems easier and faster. Get the support you want when you need it most!
  • Fast and easy bookings – with the Plus program, a customer get a superior experience that provides security and accessibility. Since host in Airbnb Plus has to accept 95% of their bookings you no longer have to worry about a reservation being declined or cancelled. 

Airbnb benefits for Hosts:

When you get upgraded to Airbnb Plus, you will see all the benefits that come with it and the extensive jump of reservations that you receive through the program.

  • More Bookings – since you will be a part of the crème de la crème of Airbnb your reservations will increase because of the options the platform offers.
  • Higher placement and more visibility – Airbnb will place your listings higher in the search results, which will allow you to be found more often and attract more bookings.
  • Charge a premium – when you become part of Airbnb Plus, you’ll be able to raise the price on your bookings because you’ll only be compared by those hosts who are in the program as well. If you are a Plus host, you offer a unique experience which means less completion and more income.
  • New look for your property – with the Plus program, you will get professional photography that will highlight your estate, while customers will be able to have a virtual tour of the property.
  • Trust increases – you will deliver an even better service which means people will trust you more and you will get more reservations.

Airbnb Plus is a selection of only the highest quality homes with hosts known for great reviews and attention to detail, that will make your experience ten times better. Each property on the Plus program is verified for quality and design to ensure that you’ll have all of the essentials no matter where you are in the world.

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