How old do you have to be to rent an Airbnb?

Airbnb is a platform that wants to make travel more inclusive and accessible to everyone. Always working towards achieving more for the millions of hosts and travellers that can list their space and book unique accommodations anywhere in the world. Since this is an online platform, there are age requirements for all users. In today’s article, we’ll answer the most common questions conserving age on Airbnb.

Is there a minimum required age to rent on Airbnb?

The answer to that is yes, and the minimum is 18 years old, which means that if you’re under 18, you cannot book a stay for yourself. This rule is applied so that people that are under age don’t travel solo, but that doesn’t mean they can’t if an adult joins them. All users on the platform are required to undergo an ID verification before they are allowed to use Airbnb to list or book property. Keep in mind that this might not be the only time that you have to provide and ID since some host might have a requirement for a valid government ID to book an estate. Occasionally Airbnb can ask you for additional info to verify the loggings into their system.

Can a host set a minimum age requirement?

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Airbnb doesn’t allow the host to set or change the minimum age requirements for guests that can book their property. The company believes that each guest’s behaviour doesn’t have anything to do with age but everything to do with life experience. If you’re worried about a guest, Airbnb provides you with their profile, and you can check their past reviews written by other hosts that they’ve visited.

As a host you are allowed to ask for an ID but only if the local laws in that area require it. Because in some countries every business must provide identifying information for all guests staying on the property. Usually, the information they might need can be your full name, date of birth, nationality, passport number or home address. If a host asks for your personal information when the law doesn’t require it, you can refuse to them.

Can children travel on Airbnb?

Children can travel with Airbnb, but they always have to be accompanied by an adult. Some hosts, however, might not have a suitable option for small kids and infants. If you’re travelling with a kid look for the ‘Family/Kid Friendly’ amenity which implies that infants, children, and families are welcome in a listing and the property itself is suitable and safe for children. Even though kids under two years old don’t count as guests, you have to disclose the total number of people, including infants and children so that the host can accurately prepare for your stay. Some hosts consider kids as guests, which can add an additional guest fee to your booking. If you aren’t sure if your children will be charged as well, our advice is to contact the host and check for yourself.

Final Words

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               To create an Airbnb account, you have to be 18 or older since it’s against company rules to travel or host a property. The company is committed to developing an inclusive and respectful community that will welcome and accept all, but with that said, not all listings have the proper features to accommodate a family with children. Airbnb’s guidelines state “Airbnb hosts may not impose any different terms, conditions or decline a reservation based on the age or any other status of the guest, where prohibited by law.”

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